Samstag, 10. November 2012

Dynamics CRM Online Dezember Update–Polaris

Dynamics CRM Online Dezember Update–Polaris
Es ist soweit das neue Release des Dezember Updates für Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (Codename “Polaris”) ist nun angekündigt und auch der Dezember 2012 als Releasedatum bestätigt.
die Highlights des Dynamics CRM 2011 Updates:
  • Neue vordefinierte und konfigurierbare Verkaufs- und Service-Prozesse
  • neu angepasste Dynamics CRM UI
  • Kompatibilität mit Microsoft Office 2013 und dem Dynamics CRM 2011 Client
  • Erweiterte Browser-Unterstützung
  • Unterstützung fpr Apple Ipad
  • Skype Integration on Top zur vorhandenen Lync Integration
  • Neues Import Interface für großen Datenmengen
  • Support von Custom Workflow Activities in Dynamics CRM Online
Zum Abschluss noch eine kleine Sammlung der Links mit den Ankündigung zum Polaris Update:
Source: Dynamics CRM 2011 Online Service Update
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Samstag, 18. August 2012

Social Discovery & Dynamics CRM 2011

Social Discovery & Dynamics CRM 2011

ClickDimensions uses the latest social discovery techniques to find publicly available prospect information from the social web. ClickDimensions social discovery can often find the individual’s exact LinkedIn profile and brings the individual's picture into CRM along with job title updates. Learn about your prospects from the social web

Social CRM - Make your CRM social

Web tracking, form capture and social data all add to what you know about a prospect and how effectively you can appeal to them. As personal and professional personas converge there is an increasing amount of information available on the social web. We make that available to you within Microsoft CRM so you have as much information about your Leads and Contacts as possible.
ClickDimensions Data Sheet Download the ClickDimensions Marketing Automation Data Sheet
ClickDimensions Daily

Stay informed on changes in your LinkedIn network with the ClickDimensions Daily

The ClickDimensions Daily is a daily email notification of all job changes in your LinkedIn network. In addition to keeping you informed about what is going on in your network this daily update also helps you keep the data in your Microsoft CRM system up to date. Sign up at
Learn about your prospects from the social web

So what?

Knowing more about your Leads from the social web can be helpful in understanding their fit with your qualification criteria. However, there is a more expansive vision here. What if you could cross reference the knowledge of your visitors’ social identities to their social interaction with your brand or market category? Done correctly, this would tell you who in your CRM is voicing their opinions, positive or negative, about your products and services or your industry/category in general. From this you’d be able to develop an understanding of specific individuals that can help you promote your brand and others that need special handling. CRM + Lead/Contact Social Information +Brand/Market Sentiment. We’ll make those a powerful combination
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Landing Pages for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Landing Pages for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

ClickDimensions makes it easy to create and host landing pages within Microsoft CRM. ClickDimensions will automatically track all of the visits to your landing page, just like any other page one your website. You can also embed ClickDimensions forms and surveys in the landing page for certain marketing campaigns.
Landing Page Designer

Create Landing Pages without knowing HTML

ClickDimensions makes it easy to create landing pages from within Microsoft CRM. You can create a new landing page using our easy landing page designer and we host it for you. Click here to learn more....
Associate with a Campaign

Associate the Landing Page with a Campaign

Are you creating a landing page for a certain marketing campaign? You can track all of your page views inside a Campaign record in Microsoft CRM. When creating your landing page, simple associate it with a Microsoft CRM campaign record.
Embed a Form

Embed ClickDimensions Forms and Surveys in Landing Pages

You can easily embed forms that have been created with the Form Builder into ClickDimensions landing pages. Copy the iframe script in the form and paste it into the HTML of the landing page. In a few easy steps, you now have a landing page and form created and tracked inside Microsoft CRM.
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Surveys for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Surveys for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

ClickDimensions makes it easy to create surveys with our drag and drop survey designer. The surveys may be emailed to Leads, Contacts and Accounts and may even be linked to Case records. Surveys may also be posted as pages so they can be completed by Anonymous Visitors. When a respondent completes a survey all the data the visitor submits is linked to their CRM record.
Drag and drop designer

Simple Survey creation process

Create your questions, drag them onto a page and make it look how you want with a custom header, footer and confirmation message. That's all it takes. ClickDimensions drag and drop survey designer makes it easy to create surveys without having technical skills.
Drag and drop designer

Configure flexible questions

Create various types of survey questions including rating scale, list, single-select (radio Button), multi-select (check boxes) and text. Arrange the questions however you want on the survey.
Drag and drop designer

Skip Logic on survey questions and pages

ClickDimensions surveys have configurable skip logic at both the page and question level. This allows you to skip past individual questions or entire pages of questions based on which responses the respondent chooses. Configuring ClickDimensions skip logic is simple and flexbile
Drag and drop designer

Style your survey page

Easily configure your survey page header and footer to have any look and feel you desire using our 'what you see is what you get" editor. Configure any confirmation text or HTML to be displayed when the survey is submitted.

Easily automate processes based on survey responses

When someone completes a survey you can easily automate processes based on certain responses. For example, if you ask the respondent to rate your service on a scale of 1 to 10 you can use CRM workflow notify people internally of any rating below a certain threshold.
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Form Capture for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Form Capture for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

ClickDimensions makes it easy to create web forms with our drag and drop designer or to integrate your web site’s existing forms into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When a visitor completes a form, his or her email address is checked against all email addresses in CRM to avoid duplicate data. Lead or Contact records can be created for visitors who are not already in your CRM and all the data the visitor submits on the form is linked to their CRM record.
Drag and drop designer

Drag and drop form designer

ClickDimensions drag and drop form designer makes it easy to create a form without having technical skills. Simply drag the fields you want onto the form, order them how you want and then specify the message to be shown to the visitor upon form completion. Any fields you specify to be required will be enforced on the web form automatically and the visitor’s email address will be checked to ensure that it is valid. The form designer provides the iframe code to embed the form in any of your web pages and also provides the full form HTML for those who want to edit the form further.
Easily configure your global form fields

Configure your global form fields

The first step to integrating your web forms to CRM is to add the form fields you use on your site into our form fields area with Microsoft CRM. For each field (e.g. email, city) simply create a web form field entry and map the values to the appropriate values on CRM Lead and Contact records. You only need to create one ClickDimensions form field record per field (e.g. create ‘city’ once and use on all forms). Next step, create your form capture records (this is also the last step).
Map your field values

Map your field values

Because visitors to your site will either not be in your CRM already or will be in your CRM as a Lead or Contact, ClickDimensions will either create a new, de-duplicated, Lead record or update an existing Lead or Contact record if a match is found. Our form mapping mechanism allows you to specify how you would like the values the visitor provides to flow into the CRM Lead or Contact record.
Configure your form captures

Build your forms or link existing forms to CRM

Once you have configured your web form fields, you then use our drag and drop designer to create your forms. Or, if you want to link existing forms, you simply create ClickDimensions form capture records for the forms you want to link. If you use the drag and drop designer our solution produces iframe code that you can embed in any existing web page. If you are linking existing forms, you simply enter the name of the form you want to link to CRM, associate one or more of the form fields you configured in CRM and tell the form capture where to re-direct the visitor when the form has been submitted. ClickDimensions will generate a URL that can be substituted for your existing form action. 
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Campaign Tracking for Dynamics CRM 2011

Campaign Tracking

ClickDimensions emails, web visits, page views and form captures records can be linked to CRM campaign records.
Link web forms and pages to CRM Campaign records

Link emails, web visits, page views and form captures to CRM Campaign records

For different types of marketing it is helpful to be able to link landing pages web forms to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Campaign records. This will allow you to associate all activity and conversions to the campaign record in CRM so you can see and analyze it in one convenient place. Creating the link between CRM campaigns and ClickDimensions emails, web forms and landing pages is as easy as point and click and allows you to track everything back to the CRM campaign.
ClickDimensions Data SheetDownload the ClickDimensions Marketing Automation Data Sheet
ClickDimensions Web TrackingWatch the ClickDimensions Overview video
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Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

ClickDimensions is the top rated, Microsoft-certified Marketing Automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. ClickDimensions is the easiest way to:
  • Empower your marketers to generate and qualify high quality leads
  • Provide your sales team the ability to prioritize the best leads and opportunities
  • Allow your management to measure everything
ClickDimensions helps you learn more about your prospects by showing you what interests them on your site as well as making it easy to capture information about them through web forms once they are ready to share. We like to say that we add new dimensions of data to your Microsoft CRM.
For Marketing - Generate, Qualify, Nurture

For Marketing - Generate, Qualify, Nurture

Email marketing embedded into Microsoft CRM and perfectly linked to Leads, Contacts, Campaigns, Marketing Lists, visitor web tracking and more? Imagine what you can do with that. Surveys built into CRM - wow! Marketers familiar with Microsoft CRM will appreciate being able to easily connect forms on their web site to CRM - without creating duplicates. Tying landing pages to campaigns is easy and triggering workflow from form submissions, file downloads or a Lead’s general web activity is simple and familiar. Having all data in CRM is a welcome change because everything is nicely tied together and available for an endless realm of possibilities.

For Sales - Prioritize, Connect, Close

Sales will be relieved to finally have an idea (before they call) of how interested a Lead may be and what, in particular, caught their attention. ClickDimensions' Lead and Contact profiles show each visitor's score as well as the individual web and email events that indicate interest and intent. In addition, our social discovery provides information to help understand the Lead and tailor your message.
For Management - Measure, Refine

For Management - Measure, Refine

Management will like that guess work is now replaced by quantifiable campaign metrics. A quick review of a CRM marketing campaign record will easily reveal the number of form submissions, visits or page views that the campaign generated. When a marketing email is sent, it is easy to see (in real time) which recipients are coming to your site, specifically what interested them and how many converted.
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